Heldagsskole gives good results

Heldagsskole gives good results

Selsmoseskolens trials of all-day schools has resulted in academically stronger students and more involved parents. Minister of Education visited the school to hear about its successful experience.
A coherent, professionally challenging and eventful day of school. Education Minister Troels Lund Poulsen visited April 11 Selsmoseskolen to hear about others' experiences with a so far six-year trial of full-time school for 0.-sixth class. The trial began in 2006. 98 percent of the students at Selsmoseskolen have a mother tongue other than Danish. In 2006, 30 percent of the district's students enrolled at the school. Today, 40 percent enrolled, and students perform better academically.

Free oatmeal and fruit

Troels Lund Poulsen was very interested in hearing about the school costs for the trial. Headmaster Ellis Andersen told that a student at Selsmoseskolen cost 120,000 kroner a year, while students at the municipality's other schools cost significantly less. This is because the price of the SFO is an integral part of the school and therefore be added to the amount.

Good contact between school and home

The school has employed a school-home tutor who successfully liaison between parents and the school. Among other things, the parents have shown great interest in parenting classes in parenting. "The supervisor gets a good hold of the parents who previously engaged in school and for example did not show up to school-home meetings," said Ellis Andersen. In other areas, the school makes a special effort to give students the best possible education. For example, students have many lessons in Danish and mathematics. They also offer reading café and teaching during recess, and parents can participate in cultural evenings. They will be offered free oatmeal in the morning and fruit in the afternoon. "I have great respect for your work," said Troels Lund Poulsen as he had heard about the municipality and the school's reflection on how students in Selsmoseskolen get the most out of their schooling.


Selsmoseskolen is a full-time school from 0 through 6th grade. The trial has so far been running since 2006 and given a markedly professional boost to a group - in principle - weak students. Approximately 98 percent of the students at the school have a different ethnic background than Danish, but is on a par with students in Taastrup traditional public schools

Insert with day schools

The government has primary outplayed "Professionalism and Freedom" suggested that the municipalities will have the freedom to create all-day schools, for example in or linked to the vulnerable neighborhoods, but first stakes are evaluated. The visit to Selsmoseskolen served among other things to inspire a national action plan for strengthening professionalism among bilingual pupils. In this context, the Ministry of Education enter into binding partnerships with a number of municipalities that have major challenges in terms of bilingual pupils. Source: UVM.dk