Colleges are measured on their performance

Colleges are measured on their performance

Taximeter Payment allows colleges with many talented students are gold plated.
The reason for this is that high schools today are paid by the state, the number of students admitted and complete a high school diploma. The payment for each student is the same, regardless of whether the student comes from a prosperous academic home or from a family with social problems or from an immigrant family.

The difference is great

The thing is that the dropout rate is much higher in the high schools, where many students come from families with no academic background, and it can be read directly in the gymnasiums accounts, as is submitted to the Ministry of Education. After two years of this meter model has some of the high schools in Copenhagen had a profit of more than 10 million kroner, while others struggle with losses of several million. "There is no doubt that the taximeter model is a challenge for the colleges that have a high dropout rate," said Steen Source Overgaard, director of Secondary School Principal Association.

Millions in profits

The most popular colleges in Gentofte and Copenhagen city has been able to deliver solid profits in the first two years as private institutions. And the popular Falkonergårdens Gymnasium has had a total profit of over 10 million. Conversely, there are many students at the Copenhagen Vestegn who are looking toward the center of Copenhagen, and it means that high schools in the municipalities of vestegnen get in hard economic times.

Additional grants rejected

Prior to the introduction of this taximeter payments to schools discussed the high schools and the government of introducing an additional subsidy for schools with many immigrants, but it was then rejected by the government. As the taximeter payments now have been shown to generate profits at some colleges and loss of others, the discussion came up again with new strength among high school principals and secondary school teachers. Secondary School Teachers have thus advocated the introduction of a social taximeter.

Two colleges join forces

Two Copenhagen colleges that have had difficulty getting the economy to make ends meet, the Metropolitan School in Nørrebro and Eastern Borgerdyd in Copenhagen. Metropolitan School has found it difficult to attract students to the school in Nørrebro, and the Eastern Borgerdyd have small rooms to hold a class sizes are high enough. The two colleges have decided to come together in a new gymnasium valid from August 2009. College student, which will be located in the Baltic Voldgade to Statens Museum for Kunst, named Gefion Gymnasium. This suggests that the taximeter system has positive consequences for society. Market forces enter and eliminates the colleges that exist on unjustified grounds. Instead of creating new and more productive colleges benefit all of society.