Make use of buyer advice and get a safe home shopping experience

Make use of buyer advice and get a safe home shopping experience

Most students live on a limited budget, where just enough is for the fixed expenses and a little fun and spas occasionally. Many students may also not recognize that rent is usually the largest item among the expenses.

Therefore, some students choose to buy a home rather than live for rent, where they never get the money they have paid for rent back in any way. A home purchase costs significantly more than a couple of years rent, but it's an investment that you get back should you choose to vacate and sell the house.


A home purchase requires time, money and energy

As a student, you have to juggle with many things in order to get everyday life into a higher unit. In addition to the studies and the compulsory assignments and group projects, there are a lot of other things that you also need to do or you want to do to have a satisfying life. Perhaps you do sports in your spare time, or you have a relevant study job that takes up much of your time. And of course, of course, the family and friends, and if you've founded a family, much of the time goes to it too.

When you are going to reach all these things, there may not be so much profit to take a close look at what it's like to be aware of when buying a home. Home buying is more than going to the open house - it is also a hard negotiation with both real estate agents and the bank. So to get a good shopping experience - and not least a good deal - it requires that you prepare as if you were to graduate. But, as written, it is easier said than done because every kind of thorough preparation takes time.

The solution is impartial buyer advice

To facilitate your home buying process, you can use independent buyer advice. An impartial buying advisor helps you not only choose a home that suits your needs, but the counselor also helps you in the rest of the process until you have signed your lap. That the counselor is impartial means that the advice you receive is independent. The buyer advisor does not advise you on other interests besides your own. Thus you are guaranteed the best terms and conditions when buying a home.

If you live in Copenhagen or in Zealand, you can get a buyer advice at Bomae . Bomae has many years of experience in advising and mediating for Zealand home buyers and offers both complete buyer advice covering the entire purchase process as well as single benefits if, as a home buyer, you only need help with any of the buying process.


This is provided with the full purchase advisory package from Bomae

When you receive Bomae Buyer Advice, you will receive advice covering the entire purchase process - from selection of housing over negotiation with the seller's real estate agent for review of legal documents and agreements.

In the initial phase, it is about finding a housing that meets your needs now and again. Here the buyer can help you with input on the pros and cons of the different homes that you have looked at. This allows you to choose a home that fits your needs perfectly. Once the dream house is found, the counselor can negotiate its price on your behalf.

Once this is in place, the buyer can help you with the financial advice. Here the counselor can get offers to you from your own bank as well as others and review them with you so that you choose the best loan.

After the financial has come in place, the buyer sends the important papers and documents to a residential attorney, with which Bomae cooperates. The housing attorney then reviews the documents and ensures that they are taken care of possible pitfalls.