Gift guide for the upcoming student

Gift guide for the upcoming student

Time is approaching with rapid steps. For the last three years you have been struggling to come to this day with blood, sweat and tears. It's the day you finally get your student hat on.

It is a wonderful time for you to be recognized for the diligence you have shown over the past three years, and for this diligence most students get a gift.

If you have any doubts about what you want, we have five great gift wishes for the upcoming student or student:

1. Your student hat!

Most people have bought student hat already, so they know it is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, it is a good idea to wish the student home or a grant for this.

2. A beard trimmer

During the examination period, you probably haven't had much time for yourself, and it leaves you with a look that needs a refreshment, so you are keen on the student run. You will find a great selection of bearded trimmers here that you can wish for.

3. A jewel in memory of the amazing time

You do not believe it, but you will look back on your time as a student with sadness, so it can be a great idea to remind you of the time.

4. A festival ticket

It is different how students choose to celebrate their student time, but a bold way to celebrate it is surely to go to a festival with all your best student friends. See our guide to festivals in Denmark here .

5. Things to move from home

It may be you love to live at home and be watched, but maybe you would like to fly from the nest. Therefore, it may be a good idea to ask for pots, pans, couches or perhaps just some cutlery for your new time as a finished student.

We hope you can find inspiration for some gift wishes, and we wish you a festive time!