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Go for benefits when choosing a fund as a student and recent graduate

Go for benefits when choosing a fund as a student and recent graduate

As a student or recent graduate, it is important to remember to join an unemployment insurance fund. It gives you the right to unemployment benefits if you do not get a job right after you have finished your education. All unemployment funds pay basically the same in unemployment benefits. The Council is therefore: go for the cheap, offering you the most benefits.

Are you about to start a course, you are already in the process of, or are you just finished, then you know already guaranteed to unemployment funds and perhaps even a member of a.

If you are not, so be sure to join, at least one year before you will graduate. Then you are sure to get your benefit rate when you are faced with the character evidence in hand.

There are 26 different unemployment insurance funds in Denmark, and they all offer the same basic product; unemployment benefits. The daily allowance is your insurance or your financial safety net if you become unemployed. You can receive them for up to two years in a row and are therefore not forced to accept the first, the best job, but can look for real and relevant posts. And have time to write targeted and well-researched applications.

Look at the pros and professional groups

The entire unemployment benefits is regulated by the state, which means that rates and rules governing the award of unemployment benefits are similar, regardless of the unemployment fund you are a member.


Therefore, it is not the economic amount you get provided that separate unemployment funds apart. Instead, choose your unemployment insurance fund from other factors.

It may be, for example, if a box is cheap, or from the size of it - ie how many members it has and the number of departments, employees and experts. The numbers give you an indication of the demand for unemployment insurance fund, and how far you travel when you need to meet with consultants and advisors. As well as the quality of the guidance they provide.

You should also look for the professions the respective unemployment funds specialize in helping. They turn to them with short, medium or long higher education? For unskilled and skilled workers, engineers, economists, lawyers or even other disciplines? If your unemployment insurance fund is used to working for others with your background and profile, so they may in fact better guide and assist you in the job.

Moreover, it is a good idea to examine what type of events and offering unemployment insurance funds offer. Here it is again important to choose according to who provides the offers that are most relevant to just you.

Free membership for students

In other words, you must therefore be a little selfish and choose a fund based on who gives you the most benefits. As a student at SU will also be financially wise to join a place where it is free to be while reading. Blue. FTF-A, has free membership for students. Read more here .

That way you avoid an expense to the unemployment insurance fund, but can still make use of its events. As a member lock you not just to the unemployment insurance fund and can always switch if you might be happier somewhere else.