Future schools and kindergartens starts in North Jutland

Future schools and kindergartens starts in North Jutland

On November 4, 2011 at. 13 opens LSP, Laboratory for research-based school development and teaching practices. LSP is based on a unique collaboration between the University College of Northern Denmark and Aalborg University. It is time that universities and university colleges cooperate on the main prerequisite for the realization of a modern knowledge society: An education system in top condition.
The reason for the laboratory is that a modern education system based on knowledge. Therefore produces LSP research-based knowledge about day care, primary and secondary schools - about class management, didactics, special education, school leadership, learning, teaching and so on. However, research-based knowledge only works if it can be used. Therefore associated LSP research knowledge, professional knowledge and practice knowledge together, the key to good day care, primary and secondary schools are teachers, educators and school leaders who know what works in the school's daily life and who have insight and authority to translate this knowledge into practical education. LSP is where scientists, university experts and practitioners meet.


Professions and institutional development: In mid-2011, more than 500 schools and kindergartens with more than 20,000 employees engaged in professions and institutional development through the analysis model LP (Learning Environment and Pedagogical Analysis), which is anchored on the UCN. This company continues a strong anchoring of research related activities on the LSP. Knowledge Anchoring the teacher and educator training: Teacher and educator training knowledge and research base strengthened in collaboration between researchers and educators from AAU and UCN. The goal is for university and university college jointly come with a bid of a research-based educator and teacher training. Research-development projects: Municipalities, schools, institutions, enterprises, professional fields, etc. Can make cooperation agreements with LSP on research-development projects in the form of evaluation projects, development efforts, business programs, students etc.

Initiation and material

LSP opens Friday, November 4, 2011 at. 13-15 in Theatre Nord Kraft, Teglgårds Plads 1, 9000 Aalborg. Among the speakers are MF Jelved, former member of the Danish Parliament Education Committee. For participation: Call LSP Secretariat v. Ulla Burskov, tel. 9940 9095, email: ub@learning.aau.dk For more information: Call the Director of LSP, professor Lars Qvortrup, tel. 2784 4005 Source: AAU