PREVIEW on the national tests approved

PREVIEW on the national tests approved

6. D on Sjælsø School in Birkerød were among the first on Thursday completed the compulsory national tests. School Agency reports a successful test of the schools that have held previews.
Over 500 students completed Thursday previews of the compulsory national tests in either mathematics, English, physics / chemistry, biology or geography. 29 schools participated and feedback from the schools according to school board that the tests did before the actual premiere on Monday. At Sjælsø School in Birkerød is math assignments on the program Thursday morning for 6. D when we are at the preview screening. Head Birte Tuxen, along with class math teacher Leo Frank Have on hand throughout the test. She is already in the test aware that problems may occur with wireless Internet connection, students are connected to via the laptop, the borrower of the school. It also happens along the way that the Internet connection smoking because of the local wireless network. Birte Tuxen and Leo Frank Garden helps students to reconnect, so students can re-take the test without having to start over.

All completed test

Despite the local technical problems succeed all 6 D, but two students who use an extra quarter to complete the test within the hour, set by. The test can in principle be extended by two hours so all get through, but the school board recommends that teachers instead book a new test for those students who spend a long time. Teacher Leo Frank Garden looks forward to using the results constructively. "The test is primarily a tool for me to assess where students are academically. It is not an exam, and I have also explained the students to avoid feeling pressure. I can use the results to get hold of the weakest students and make a determined effort to make them better, "says Leo Frank Garden.

No need to stress

Educational Consultant in School Authority Stine Juul Knudsen attended 6.D's test. She believes that it is important to keep stress factor down and not make the national test for the only basis for assessing student. "The results should be compared with the knowledge that the teacher already has on students' ability. And so it is important to remember that a student does not necessarily have fared better because he or she has spent less time on these tasks. There is enough time for tasks actually test can be extended by up to two hours, or the teacher can choose to book a new test for students who fail to finish, "says Stine Juul Knudsen.

Prepare students

School Authority recommends that the teacher prepares students thoroughly before taking the test. * On lies demo test that teachers and students should experiment with before they must test for real. Demo tests are not adaptive, but they can be used to gain experience with the different types of tasks. * High school students can also prepare by implementing each of the national test twice on a voluntary basis in addition to the mandatory test time. * Students in private schools and independent schools can implement the voluntary test three times. It can occur in the periods of the year when there is no scheduled mandatory testing. The tests can be used on the level where they are mandatory, and grade-level just above and below.

Green, yellow and red pupils

Teacher holds during testing an eye on monitoring since the testing system. Here occurs three color codes: green, yellow and red. The colors show where statistically students' test result. Green and yellow status means that the mandatory testing is completed. The colors in itself says nothing about students' academic level. * Green: The result is statistically significant. * Yellow: The result can be calculated, but should be read with caution. * Red: There can not be calculated a result yet. School Authority recommends that students not informed about the details of the monitoring page. Neither before, during or after the test. Source: Ministry of Education