Finished the exam and ready for a game of golf?

Finished the exam and ready for a game of golf?

Ok, we know it sounds a little Hovskisnovski with golf because is it not just too rich? It may be that it has historically been like that, but as with champagne, it's something that is not only loved by almost everyone but also within everyone's reach.


But what about all the equipment?

The equipment itself is still relatively expensive, but in most golf clubs you can access and borrow without the major problems. It may be that there is a bigger challenge abroad, but in Denmark everyone is welcome and at a great price in virtually all golf clubs.

Should you start to like the sport, then you can buy one thing at a time. Start with the most important things, such as the high quality essential drivers and golf balls .



How to find a club where students are welcome

Again, let's say that as long as you behave nicely, you are welcome to virtually all clubs, but there are certain courses and clubs where only members or partners are welcome.

At you can find an overview of all golf clubs in Denmark, where you can also see if the individual golf clubs have any restrictions, their prices, facilities, etc. So you do not risk driving to one of the golf clubs as will enjoy your attendance.


The benefits of golf

Golf has such a boring ease, but the undersigned can signify that even skeptical first-time players are often pleasantly surprised. It's fun to go, you can enjoy the fresh air, talk to your friends if necessary. around the exams passed, drive home with a good conscience over both things and be prepared for a pleasant evening in the city. Give it a try - it's pretty cool.