Get control of your finances

Get control of your finances


As a student, economics can be a delicate subject. When you study, you spend a lot of time reading and preparing as best as possible for your study. Therefore, many young people feel that they do not have the time to have a leisure job next door. This means that many students live exclusively on the SU that the state pays them. As many of the educational institutions reside in the big cities, this means high rental rates for the young, if you are not willing to move a little outside the city and away from the center. All of these are components of a vague economy that can be difficult to connect. Therefore, below you will find some advice on how to better manage your finances.

1. Collect your money in one place

It can be difficult to see where you have all your money. You have some in the bank, some at home and maybe an insurance sum that is locked in a whole third place. It can be confusing to send back and forth in between. Some may be lost and you spend money on transaction fees. You no longer have to worry about using cryptocurrency such as ethereum. Here it is possible to have all your money collected on your electronic devices and send money around the world without the bank as an intermediary. So buy ethereum and keep track of your money and avoid high fees.

2. Set a budget

You must have full control over the few money you are dealing with, otherwise they will disappear quickly among rents and city trips. Therefore, it is a good idea to set a budget for your income and taxes. This way, you know your exact availability amount and know how much you can afford to spend. At the same time, you can go ahead and plan your budget for months where you know you need more money. It could for example be for Christmas gifts etc.

3. Acquire apps for your finances

Technology has come a long way today, so you need to take advantage of the help it has to offer you. You can download apps, such as mobile payments and mobile banking, to always keep track of your current balance while allowing you to send money around with ease. This simply involves uncertainty where your identity can be hacked. Therefore, Ethereum is a good bid to reduce insecurity. You keep track of this with your wallet app. You can download more about this by learning about ethereum basics .

4. Savings

It's always good to have money to fall back on. Therefore, a savings is a must if you hit into extra bills or expenses. Hopefully, based on your recently created budget, you can see that there is a surplus occasionally. In order not to use these, transfer the money to a separate account where you build a savings. If you use the cryptocurrency, ethereum, then you will already be able to save money on fees today. It may not sound like the big savings right now, but over time it can make a difference. If you are not completely convinced of ethereum or understand it, then you can get more knowledge here .