Get Spotify Premium for just £ 49 as a student!

Get Spotify Premium for just £ 49 as a student!

Are you crazy about music and can't listen to the annoying commercials that bother you? And have you often considered getting upgraded to Spotify Premium, but maybe the price has kept you from upgrading? Then it is lucky that you can get a student discount! You only have to give 49 kroner per month for Spotify Premium when you are a student! With a premium subscription with Spotify, you don't have to listen to commercials and can listen to music without interruption.


Spotify offers this discount to all Danish students. The offer is valid as long as you are a student. Simply enroll as a student when you graduate. Here you need to have proof that you are a student. This may be in the form of enrollment papers, which you can attach as documentation.


As a student, you can thus get a 50% discount on Spotify Premium, which is definitely an advantageous discount, especially for you who love music. That is to say you can save a lot of money that you as a student can enjoy. There is nothing worse than getting started with a good workout and listening to some good music and being interrupted by an advertisement.


You can read much more about this on Spotify's website about their terms and conditions. Furthermore, you can read much more about all the benefits of being a premium member.