Get advice for the study trip - three good tips

Get advice for the study trip - three good tips


Study trips combine two cool things. Getting out and experiencing the world and being with his fellow students. What more could you want? But we also know that such a study trip can quickly run up to DKK 4,000-8,000. But fortunately, we now come up with three good tips for you that will make money the easy and the harder way.

Three good tips

  1. The hard way

It may sound right, but you can make a study trip savings by saving some places. In turn, it's the hardest way because it requires you to have a hole in your budget for it. You may have to live on pasta pesto for the rest of the month, but in return you can look forward to eating good food, whatever the destination of your study trip is.

  1. The slightly easier way

A slightly easier way to make money is to make some extra money from the outside. If you don't already have a student job, then it might be a good idea to consider it. In addition, it generally allows you to have a slightly larger gap in your budget in the future. Make money by getting a student job or you can even get a little extra into the account by cleaning up your parents. But, of course, it takes a little more of your time, which is why it's not the easiest way if you have to go out and make the money quickly.

  1. The easiest way

The easiest way to afford the study trip is: make money by selling scratch cards. Yep, you heard right. It's a really smart way to make money. When you sell scratch cards for various charities, you get between DKK 11 and 14 per person. ticket you sell. It doesn't sound like much, you might think, but you can actually easily earn up to $ 20,000. So come out and get some tickets sold so you and your college buddies can have a great trip!