Get an overview of today's football

Get an overview of today's football

Football is the most popular sport in the world, which means there are almost always exciting and entertaining football matches on TV. If you would like to watch football today , visit Here you can follow today's matches, see live results and read football news. Below you can read more about two of the biggest clashes in European football.


Manchester United - Liverpool

Ask any football fan about the biggest rivalry in the sport and chances are they'll say Manchester United and Liverpool. These two teams have battled each other on the field for over a century.


The rivalry between these two teams is fueled by a number of factors. Firstly, they are both from the north of England and have very passionate fan bases. Secondly, they are two of the most successful teams in English football history.


Finally, there is a religious element to the rivalry; Liverpool is predominantly Protestant, while Manchester United has traditionally been considered a Catholic club. And although Manchester United's quality on the pitch has fallen a little in recent years, the clash between the two teams is always a guarantee of excitement and excellent football.


Barcelona - Real Madrid

In Spanish football, there is no rivalry more historic than that between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two teams have been dominant forces in both Spanish and European football for years, and their matches are always bursting with entertainment.


The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid dates back to the early 1900s, when both clubs were founded. The two clubs quickly rose to the top, and already in the 1920s the clubs were the most successful teams in Spain.


The rivalry is further enhanced by the fact that Barcelona is located in Catalonia, which has its own distinct language and culture. This made them something of a rebel club compared to the more established Real Madrid.