Make the most of your life as a student with a student job

Make the most of your life as a student with a student job


Being a student is a great time filled with parties, new acquaintances and a time when you really get to know yourself better. Being a student, on the other hand, is also a stressful time, with many moving away from home and experiencing a lot of things for the first time.

Most students may find it difficult to balance both study and work, but at the same time may have difficulty getting the whole thing around, only at the SU. Especially if you have just moved out and therefore have no experience in budgeting or keeping track of the economy in general.

Many students therefore end their study time with a lot of debt, which they then have to live over the next several years, which is not fun either.

With a student job, you can still afford all the fun

During his studies, you would certainly like to be a part of social life, spend a lot of money on alcohol and delicious new clothes and at the same time have to make it run around being a foreigner for the first time, so it is not fun to had to spend a lot of effort to put money aside. This is, among other reasons, why many students choose to take out a loan (or more) instead of saving.

A more sensible way to earn more income is by getting a student job. Balancing both work and study can be stressful, but if it means that you do not, in turn, have to worry about your finances and have it as a stressful factor, it may ultimately be for the best.

A fun study job can also give you a lot of good acquaintances that you end up having with you for the rest of your life. After all, if you have a student job, you will most likely get to work with a lot of other young people.

Tell your family about your financial situation

There is no one who says you need to borrow a lot of money from your family, or that it means helping them in any way other than with understanding.

But it can still be nice to tell them about your financial situation, so they may understand that it may not even be the biggest gifts they receive when it is financially tight.