Make the most of your apartment in Copenhagen

Make the most of your apartment in Copenhagen

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If you get your fingers in an apartment in Copenhagen, you can consider yourself quite lucky. An apartment in major cities almost never falls in value, so it is usually also an excellent investment that you can be happy with.

Unfortunately, there are many apartments in Copenhagen that do not have square meters on offer. Therefore, they can sometimes be difficult to furnish. Especially if your home needs to be practically furnished while you want to make it cozy, it can be a challenge. In such a case, for example, it might make sense to look at some of the many fine display cabinets that can be found. In a display cabinet you can store everything and things of the world, and if you arrange them nicely, it becomes a decorative part of the interior of your home.

Buy smart furniture for your apartment

In general, the furniture in your apartment makes a huge difference in terms of whether the apartment will seem small or not. If you decorate with smart and space-saving furniture, even a very small apartment in the center of Copenhagen may seem like a castle.

At a wide range of home stores - including My Home - you can find lots of well thought out furniture that is perfect in the smaller homes. Find stores and opening hours if you are interested in finding new, stylish furniture for your apartment. With, for example, a sofa or bed with storage space, you come a long way.

Use the smaller space to your advantage

While you might prefer to have better space, you do not have to see it solely as a disadvantage that it is sparse with the square meters of your new apartment. While it is of course nice to have plenty of space, it can also create a very unique and very cozy atmosphere, that there is a little cramped.

Thus, when designing your apartment, you can use the sparse space to your advantage. Focus on the cozy and create a lot of lovely hooks for you to relax in. If you need to screw up the cozy, you can choose to install a fireplace or stove - this can also effectively heat a small apartment. A steel chimney can easily be fitted in an apartment without a built-in chimney, and it doesn't even have to cost the world.