Students in the focus at the conference on action plans for enhanced implementation

Students in the focus at the conference on action plans for enhanced implementation

The focal point was retention and dropout rates in VET. And it brought the students in the focus at the conference on action plans for vocational training in Odense November 14, 2011.
"Better and more education is an important post in the new government platform. Growth, quality and results of the next year's buzzwords, which is largely related to the work that lies in the action plan initiatives. "So said Birgit Gotenborg from the Ministry of Education when she opened the conference" Action plans for enhanced implementation "in vocational training . Once a year each prepare Vocational an action plan for the stakes, the school will take to improve implementation and reduce the dropout rate in VET. The action plans included as part of school quality work and is a management and evaluation tool that should help clarify exactly those methods that can retain more students.

Step towards the objective

However, there may be far from the action plan into reality and from efforts to effect. In that context, Sanya Gertsen Pedersen, special consultant in EVA (Danish Evaluation Institute), a status report on the experience gained in projects concerning action plans for enhanced implementation. "With the project" From plan to reality "we have gone out into the real world and have seen what is happening in the schools. Many bets are repeated at several schools, but the angled and organized differently and therefore get the very different results. With our study we would like to qualify the schools work of selecting and angle the stakes to best maintain their particular students, "said Sanya Gertsen Pedersen.

Two brave students

Maybe some schools have found this combination, or at least some of the bets that are steps toward the goal - increased implementation. The stories were highlighted by, among other Student Summit "School back to the students" on EUC Zealand and Student Camp at IBC, and Sanya Gertsen Pedersen stressed that students are central when the talk goes to the successful action efforts. On the whole special show took two students from IBC hall, which was filled with teachers and leaders of the country vocational schools. In cool style with your arms over your head and accompanied by hip-hop music arrived the two girls and got the rest of the room to stand up and clap with. During each their condition had Sidi and Britta participated in IBC's student camp. Britta and Sidi advocated for an educational approach focusing on and accommodate different learning styles and the important social relationships. Also the possibility to have responsibility for their own learning is an important factor. "The student camp you learn to know each other, and it gives a good socializing. And so we have mentoring, which is an important part of the social, where students also help and support each other professionally, "said Sidi and Britta.

Internships and active teacher roles

Center Director, Head of Research and Associate Professor, CeFU, Noemi Katznelson gave his thoughts on how students best motivated to start a business. "There has for many years been a major political focus on vocational training, and the challenges are many. We must make do better and better in a global competitive perspective, but in a retention perspective, we must look at what provides motivation and challenge students. Here is the prospect of an internship a crucial factor for the individual student's level of motivation already in early schooling. "She finished:" Students will gain a thorough knowledge on the subject and the level of professionalism in general is very important. There must be a professional pride, professional identity and academic development. Also the teacher's role is very important for the students' motivation and it must be an active teaching role, taking responsibility for their education, demands and support them, "said Noemi Katznelson. Source: UVM