Do you play a lot of sports? Remember to take good care of your feet

Do you play a lot of sports? Remember to take good care of your feet

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You are young, so you have probably never thought about the health of your feet, but if you are very sporty, you can strain your feet and develop corns. It can be painful and make it difficult for you to continue your sport.

In order for you to continue playing sports and enjoying your youth, it is important that you treat your corns. Read here why you get corns, what the symptoms are and how you can treat it.

What are corns?

The corns are a thickened area of the skin that occurs on the toes or under the feet due to wear and irritation from, for example, too small shoes that press. In the thickened area of the skin, a hard core may also appear, which feels like a thorn, hence the name corns. The skin area is painful or tender. It can also feel stinging or burning.

Why do athletes get corns?

Even if you are young, you can still develop corns, especially if you play a lot of sports. Too much strain and wear and tear of the feet can lead to blisters and thickening of the skin. Too bad footwear can also provoke corns in the areas of the foot that are particularly much under pressure when you practice your sport. Corns can be treated , but it is a really good idea to start treating as soon as you suspect that you have got a corns, as further pressure on the skin area can lead to more pain. It is extra painful to have to perform the same sport that has caused the corn.

How can you prevent corns?

If you want to prevent corns, it is a good start to buy a good pair of sports shoes. Footwear that gnaws at the foot can over time irritate the skin so much that corns are formed. When you play sports, you are more likely to press your feet, which is why it is important that your shoes are neither too big nor too small, and that they sit well on your foot. If you have trouble finding footwear that fits, it may be beneficial to have hand-sewn a pair of shoes made specifically for your foot.

How are thorns treated?

There is some good advice for treating corns. First, you need to change the problem that is causing you to get thorns. If your shoes hit, for example, replace them as soon as possible. Once you have made sure to get new shoes that do not print, you can get various kinds of treatments over the counter. Corns are one of them. You can get thorn patches that contain salicylic acid. In addition, you can buy corns made of gel, which also helps to relieve pressure on the area where the corns are. A pumice stone can also be a good idea to procure to file the problem area. If you can not get rid of your problems with corns yourself, then it is a good idea to get help from, for example, a podiatrist. If you would like to know more about the treatment of corns, then you can possibly search for more info on the web.