You must learn these languages first if you want to make website

You must learn these languages first if you want to make website

There are several good reasons to learn coding, which is a relevant area for children and adults of all ages. In fact , coding will soon be on the school schedule in Denmark , but even though your school time may be over for a long time, you can still learn different coding languages and in this article you can read about what coding languages you should learn if you want to create a website.


If you are the type who wants a website that is much more than a Wordpress template, it might be a good idea to learn HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is usually the first coding language that a person chooses to learn when he or she would like to create an e-commerce, blog or website.


After learning HTML and getting more or less mastered, you can learn CSS afterwards. Most people will say that CSS is the next step after HTML, as it will help you make your HTML pages more interesting to your visitors. You can find many interesting CSS courses online and learn it at your own pace. Learn CSS here when you've already been through HTML training.


There are many different scripting languages on the web and one of the most widely used is JavaScript. It is relatively easy and simple to use as you type it directly into your HTML files, which are then read and executed by the browser.

You can make your website more dynamic by using JavaScript. For example, you can add a visitor counter or create pop-ups that lead to a more interactive user experience.

You will find lots of video tutorials to help you learn JavaScript. You will probably soon find that it does not take much to create a basic idea of how JavaScript can be used to design a bold website.


You can also expand your capabilities by learning PHP, which stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor". Here it can be an advantage to know about JavaScript, since PHP is similar to JavaScript in relation to how it is built.

You can know the two code languages apart by writing behind the ear that JavaScript is a client-side language, while PHP is a server-side language. That is, PHP runs code processing and data management on the server, which afterwards sends the result back to the user's browser in the form of HTML. In JavaScript, the code is read and handled directly in the user's browser and therefore it is called a client-side language.

PHP opens up more doors as it works great with a number of other programs. Among other things, you can spend many hours exploring PHP in MySQL.