You need to know these food apps

You need to know these food apps

Sitting sometimes at home on the couch and miss a delicious meal, but do not have the energy to go out and buy it? Or do you miss a delicious meal, but don't have the money to go out and buy it? There's help available. In the great world of apps, you can find apps for exactly what you are looking for. In this article you can read about apps that help bring out food and apps that offer you food.  

Get food delivered to your door by bike

Wolt is a Helsinki-based company that delivers food right to your door - and on top of the bike purchase. With their app you have the opportunity to explore the menus of all the restaurants you could imagine. However, you can only choose food from restaurants in your own city. Once you've decided on what you want to eat, you'll pay a small extra to have it delivered to your door . At the same time you have the conscience in order as it is delivered by bicycle . You can see an overview of Odense's restaurants here .  

When the food is too-good-to-go

Another exciting k oncept s business Too Good To Go. The company works with local restaurants , cafes, bakeries and bars, which at the end of the day sell their 'leftovers' for cheap money. Often you can for a small amount, buy a box of food, or have a box delivered that you then fill yourself with food. Too Good To Go gives you a lot of food for little money. However, be aware that the food often has to be eaten within the same day you buy it.  

Get an overview of My Offers

With the My Deals app, you can get the latest deals right in your hand. You can choose the shopping stores you shop the most, as your favorite grocery stores, after which you will receive a notification when they receive new offers. That way, you can quickly see which stores are the cheapest for you to shop in, or you can check out their deals on mobile when you're in the store.