Director and high school student at once

Director and high school student at once

Commercial College at Niels Brock in Copenhagen opens this summer, the country's first entrepreneur gymnasium.
Young people who dream of running their own business, get after the summer to work diligently to realize the dream. For the Business College at Niels Brock opens a new four-year secondary education. Anya Eskildsen, Managing Director at Niels Brock, telling about the background of the new education: "It is certainly not a law of nature that we can maintain the level of prosperity that we have in Denmark. For we live in a globalized world where it goes quickly, and if we are to compete, it is necessary for us to think in new solutions. "Niels Brock feel therefore that institution an obligation to provide training young people with a" entrepreneurial mindset ", that is thriving, innovative young.

Students should set up a business

The new training lasts four years because there must be time for that young people can both improve their skills and establish their own businesses. In fact, it is a requirement that the young people during the first school year set up their own business. This shall include preparing a business plan and present it to a mini board that will help qualify the business plan. And the school will also help students to solve practical problems that may arise when students both need to go to school and do business. For example, the school will offer secretarial services, so customers do not call in vain to the director while he or she receives education.

The instruction can be used in practice

Anya Eskildsen expect that students at the new entrepreneur gymnasium will find high school subjects interesting and relevant, because every day have the opportunity to test their knowledge in a real business - their own. "A subjects like marketing may be a little boring, but for a student who has just started importing scooters from China, it suddenly becomes very topical," says Anya Eskildsen. On the entrepreneur line, students should be the subjects: * marketing A * Business Economics A * Innovation C in addition to the compulsory subjects in hhx: * marketing B * Danish A * English A * commercial C * 2nd foreign language beginner's language A or second foreign language at intermediate level B * international economy B * C * math social studies C * contemporary history B * business economics B. Commercial College expects to accommodate about 30 students at the new entrepreneur line. Anya Eskildsen has already received a number of inquiries from among the other elementary school students who are interested in establishing or have already established their own company. Source: Ministry of Education