Your mobile finds its way to bus, train and subway

Your mobile finds its way to bus, train and subway

The Danish favorite travel planner - - can now be downloaded to the phone. And have your mobile GPS, Rejseplanen not just a plan for you on the phone, but also guide you to the nearest stop.
Now you no longer sit in front of a computer to plan your transport. With Rejseplanen'll send you Rejseplanen handy when you're traveling and need to find the right departure by bus, train and metro. Over 10,000 Danes in record downloaded Rejseplanen to their iPhone, and now launched Rejseplanen also to other mobile types. "The great interest to download Journey Planner for iPhone shows that we have hit a need for mobile travel information. Therefore, we are now launching a java application, so owners of other types of mobile phones to access the same service, " says Marketing Manager Birgitte Woolridge from Rejseplanen. "The Danes plan every month nine million trips with Travel Planner, and the figure will increase further now that users can take us anywhere, " she says. Itinerary on the mobile phone has the familiar search function that easily finds the simplest and fastest mode of transport between A and B, and one can store his favorite traveling on the phone so you do not need to go online again to find the same trips.

GPS and itinerary goes up to a higher level

Rejseplanen mobile application can also be used with the GPS function that a growing number of mobile phones equipped with. GPS 'one finds your location and tells the mobile itinerary that you stand out for Nørregade 7 in Fredericia. It then shows Rejseplanen your way to the nearest bus stop and station. You can also put your home address in. Then cell phone, GPS and Travel Plan in association always show you the easiest way home in a hurry. It does not get easier. Itinerary is free. But using data traffic when you download the program, and when you later use it. The cost of the most expensive data rate in Denmark about 2,50 kr. To download the program. Then fill a single travel notices about 1-3 Kb, which costs max. 5 ear.

How to do it:

Send an SMS to 1231 with the text "Travel Planner Mobile ". So you get a link back to a text message. Click the link, so the application downloaded. SMS 'one is free.