You should consider this before purchasing a new computer

You should consider this before purchasing a new computer

Buying a new computer is actually a big decision - it is a normal investment that you have to live with for many years. A computer is something that we Danes use most every day - many people's work consists of working on a computer. The computer thus has a great influence on our everyday lives, in the form of eg. work, but also in the form of entertainment, such as games and movies. Before buying a computer, there are several things to consider.

Should it be a laptop or a desktop?

A laptop is significantly easier to move on and is perfect if you commute a lot or need your computer at school. What you typically want to use for a school computer does not require so much - it can be, for example, Facebook, or other easier use, such as social media and small web-based games.
A stationary, on the other hand, is where you get the most benefit for your money. For example, it is more expensive to buy small graphics cards, which can be the same as large graphics cards, which can only fit in a stationary - and thus the price of a laptop will also be higher than on a stationary, even though they may actually be the same . However, computers need not be expensive - how about a good and cheap Lenovo ?

If you work a lot from home and you have great demands, you should in any case buy a stationary - for example if you are a graphic artist.
So you should deal with yourself - should I move a lot on my computer, or should it stay somewhere?

Think about your need

What do you need it for - do you have to do school work on it, or do you have to work with heavy graphics, or play demanding computer games?
If you can say "yes" to the first one, you should buy a laptop. School work will normally be done primarily in school, and therefore you need something that is easily removable. If you can say "yes" to the last two points, you should choose a stationary one. Keep in mind, though, that you get more for the money at a stationary, so consider whether you might not be playing games on it.

Advice for SSD? So buy one

In almost every case, you should choose an SSD rather than an HDD. SSD is short for Solid State Drive and is also a storage space unit. An SSD, however, has some other working methods - and it makes it a lot faster than an HDD. An SSD does not sound as much as an HDD, nor does it become so hot. However, an SSD is usually more expensive than a regular HDD, but if you can afford an SSD and the ability to upgrade to one then you should. Everything else you will just get a much better computer experience with.