As a student, you can do this if you get a work injury

As a student, you can do this if you get a work injury

As a student, you are incredibly dependent on your income, precisely because students rarely have the opportunity to take a full-time job while studying. That is why most people live on a small student job and SU. But what can you do if you experience an injury at work and therefore cannot work?

Calculation of employability loss percentage

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we will not be harmed at some point. It can be in the private, but it can also be in the workplace. This damage can make you unable to work in the same way or for as long as before, and what should you do? As a student, it is definitely not great if you go beyond the salary. Fortunately, you can check the Employment Loss Percentage calculation , which will help you figure out what your indemnity loss record is.

These requirements are there

The way you learn more about your calculation of loss of earning capacity is by looking at how much you are able to make after the injury, to which they compare it with before you got the injury. Final determination of employment loss rate comes only when the following two things are in place: firstly, whether it is a personal injury or a work injury, and then that your employment loss percentage is at least 15%. So, if you are a student with a potential injury from home or work, click the link above to find out what you can do to avoid a huge chink in your finances.