Design school in Sorø

Design school in Sorø

In today's Denmark there is a lot of different opportunities when it comes to where and what one wants to go to school. It is very much about what you want to read on, but otherwise there are relatively free frames when it comes to various schools.

Try it out

Many people like to develop in a creative way. But when there are many different ways to be creative, it's about finding what one finds as an individual and then exploring it more closely. For some, it is very natural what they want to make on a daily basis, but for others it is not quite as easy, and once in a while it requires that you jump into something and try out.

Wide range of creativity

Design school is a hit among many young people. It's a way you can unfold yourself creatively, and really put heart and soul into what you're doing. When it comes to a creative school, there are often a wide range of topics you can explore further. It's not just about one specific thing that you can be creative with, but many different possibilities for creativity, so you can really find out what your call is.

Focus on testile design, sewing and much more

A design school is many things, and if you already think it sounds interesting, then you should definitely take a closer look at it. At this design school there is, among other things, focus on textile design, sewing, design, embroidery and much more. It gives every student the opportunity to explore his creative pages and see if there is not a little artist hidden in you. It also gives rise to some close friendships where together you can explore creativity.