Therefore, you must move to Valby as a student

Therefore, you must move to Valby as a student

When one has to study in Copenhagen, one's biggest concern is often finding a home. And it is not without reason. There is a rift about all the small dorm rooms, apartments and youth housing in Copenhagen. It can be really difficult to get the foot inside, especially if you do not come from the area and do not have a network in the capital before. Many young students come to Copenhagen to study, but also to live in the very center of the city - so there is such a big battle for the homes. Therefore it can be a great advantage to live outside the city center, as it can be easier to get to. Valby can among other things be an ideal place to settle down as a student.

Valby - lots of opportunities

Valby is an attractive district in Copenhagen. Although it is not the city center itself, there is still plenty of opportunity for shopping, culture and leisure activities. In Valby, for example, Spinderiet is a large shopping center with about 50 shops. So you do not necessarily have to go to Copenhagen to spoil yourself. In addition, there are plenty of exciting eateries and cultural offers in Valby .

Find the best things for your new home

When a young student moves away from home, one understands how many things and cases a home really requires. Many rush to IKEA and various shops to find the necessary things. But if you are investing in larger investments like washing machines, it can be an unfortunate decision to just rush out and spend money. When it comes to more important and expensive things for the home, it is a great idea to orientate yourself online. Online you can read about which products perform best in tests , so you can make a more informed decision.