Best streaming services - See our top 5 here

Best streaming services - See our top 5 here


There are more and more streaming services coming and there is no doubt that the latest streaming services have to compete on many different parameters to win users money. That is why here we have made a small list of our top 5 best streaming services, where you get a little different information about each one so you can better decide which one to choose and if our list was not you searched, then there is a review of almost all streaming services at .


Viaplay is without a doubt one of the most well-known streaming services in Denmark. They have a lot of Danish content with movies and series, but also some of the big known titles that have just come out of the cinema. All in all, a streaming service with everything for kids and adults alike.


Netflix is one of the largest streaming services in the world, and has a huge selection of movies and series with new content almost every day. There is no doubt that Netflix deserves to be on the list of the best streaming services where, as with Viaplay, there is plenty of content for kids and adults alike.


Hayu is an American streaming service that is probably mostly for adults, as there are no Danish subtitles or Danish speech on some of the broadcasts shown. These are primarily Hayu series such as "The Kardashians" and the like. But they have a great selection of these series and are therefore also on this list.

Danish movie treasures

Danish movie treasures are also one of the slightly different streaming services, but no doubt worth a look. Here you can find a whole lot of the good old Danish films and there is no doubt that the old films were just more timeless than they are today, so you can never get enough of them.

HBO Nordic

Again, another streaming service that is incredibly well known by the vast majority. Titles like Game of Trones and Vikings are some of the best known that almost everyone knows to this day. It is those who have these and who made this already great streaming service even bigger.