Denmark should go its own green path

Denmark should go its own green path

"Business as usual" is dead, whose future must be sustainable. The key is education for sustainable development in which Denmark must stand strong.
At the conference "Education for Sustainable Development" on April 4, which took place in the Ministry of Education, met stakeholders from different sectors to discuss Denmark's green development. Conference collection of people from many different sectors will create the foundation for greater coherence on sustainable development between schools, businesses, public administrations, NGOs and research institutions. Head of Department at the Ministry of Education Martin Isen Becker was the first speaker at the conference. His idea of ​​how we ensure a good and green education system, based on a lot of cooperation. "Students need to see the connection between the green education in schools and reality. It requires cooperation. Parents must be the good example, municipalities must include schools in their work for more sustainability, and schools must work with businesses, " said Martin Isen Becker .

"Business as usual" is dead

Katherine Richardson is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen and a professor of biological oceanography. She has conducted research into climate change and the solution to them. She does not doubt that Denmark is doing well internationally when it comes to the development of sustainable technology and thinking, but says nevertheless: "It is not hard to be number one when there are others who play the game. It has changed themselves, because today invests new strong economies such as China heavily in green technology. Therefore, Denmark must find a new green path that countries like China can not run yet, "said Katherine Richardson. She believes that there is already good cooperation in Denmark between industry, researchers and the political system. "The good cooperation must be the foundation for rethinking of education. Young people must be authentic teaching and in real life, " said Katherine Richardson.

Sustainability throughout

Pernille Blach Hansen, sustainability director at Grundfos. Her daily work consists in thinking sustainability into Grundfos' products from idea through production to customer use of the product. "The employees have to go through the whole process thinking as sustainable as possible. If everyone is thinking green and innovative in their work, we can create products that are wholly sustainable, " said Pernille Blach Hansen.

The motivation must exist in reality

To motivate students to choose and be good at science subjects, they must be allowed to actually deal with the problems that science can solve. It believes director of the House of Natural Science, Mai Louise Agerskov, among other things, works to increase participation in science education. "There must be a good contact between businesses and schools so that students can get the feeling that they actually educate themselves to solve real problems. Even better if the students can be allowed to work on outstanding issues and present their solutions to them, "said Mai Louise Agerskov. Source: