Crowdlending guide - beginner's guide to Crowdlending investment

Crowdlending guide - beginner's guide to Crowdlending investment


If you have also become interested in crowdlending investments is for something, then there is no doubt that this article is obvious to you. Here we will provide a brief guide to what crowdlending is for and how you can easily and easily start investing your money in crowdlending without committing the very big beginner mistakes.

What is crowdlending?

Crowdlending is a way of investing where you can lend your money to others and, in return, receive interest in return for your lending. Here it is possible to take over the bank's role by lending your own money, which might have just been on an account and lost value to inflation. With crowdlending , you can then have the opportunity to lend your savings, which in the real estate had done nothing but stand and collect dust, where instead you can get a monthly interest rate which is often between 8 and 14% per annum, which is far more than what to expect with e.g. equities.

Which crowdlending platform is the best?

The best crowdlending platform is hard to say, because there are many different attitudes about which crowdlending platform is most dependent on what one emphasizes as an investor. But the best crowdlending platforms are, of course, the ones that provide some of the highest returns and provide the most security in return. So it's hard to say which of them is the best, but we can just present a few of them here.


Mintos is one of the largest platforms in the world and therefore also one of the most chosen, which of course also provides a form of security, because there are so many investors in the platform. There is also one of the few platforms that has made profits in a very short time, which is of course also an important thing to keep in mind when talking about security.

Fast invest

Fast invest is one of the slightly newer platforms compared to Mintos, but nonetheless, they have won big with investors because they have some of the highest returns and opportunity to get out of their investments in just 1 business day, which is far faster than other platforms.