Use for all young people is when voluntary nature celebrated

Use for all young people is when voluntary nature celebrated

When the City of Copenhagen October 5, 2012 celebrates Voluntary Day, is a consultant pack Use for all young people nominated in two categories.

45 percent of all Danes volunteer. And the potential is even greater, according to a new study by YouGov has conducted for Momentum. It is estimated that 55 percent of those who do not volunteer today is open to becoming so.

When the City of Copenhagen Friday, October 5, 2012 opens the doors to City Hall's banquet hall to celebrate Voluntary Day, the Ministry of Children and Education consultant unit need all young people represented in two of the nominees partnerships:

The first Partnership, future workshop is a collaboration between Resource Center Outer Nørrebro, Use for all young and UU Copenhagen. The future workshop linking learning and leisure activities together for children and young people aged 13-24 to strengthen academic, social and personal skills so that young people equipped to start and complete their education.

Volunteers doing homework in the Resource Center's open learning, Youth-to-youth ambassadors are prepared to spread the message of education to other young people in informal settings, and the youth of Haraldsgade can apply for self-launching education promotion activities for their peers.
Homework Online is also nominated in the category of the Year Partnership.
With the help of volunteers gives Homework Online online homework help for vulnerable children and young people from residential areas as Mjølnerparken and Tingbjerg. Use for all young people have helped to develop ideas from pilot projects to nationwide homework.

Homework Online is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, State Library and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media.

Future workshops and homework

Involvement of volunteerism is a cornerstone of the Ministry of Children and Education Consultant device Use for all young people. Both locally in the country's vulnerable and at national level, where volunteers will be involved in, for example, the establishment of homework cafés and role model initiatives.

Facts about the need for all young

Use for all young people are an outside consultant unit, which is anchored in the Ministry of Education.

Use for all young people working to ensure that more young people with ethnic minority backgrounds complete a youth education. The primary target group are ethnic minority young people aged 13-20 years who are at risk of not implementing secondary education.

Use for all young people work with both consulting and development of initiatives at national level and in selected local areas. Here intensive work on several activities at the same time and the focus is on strengthening both the personal, social and vocational skills of the youth.

Source: UVM