Become a volunteer and go to Africa as foreign works

Become a volunteer and go to Africa as foreign works

We need you - Become a volunteer, work with marginalized youth and head to Africa as foreign works - take a B-certificate in Pedagogy underway.
Juelsminde School Center in cooperation with Humana People to People and One World University invites you to 24-month volunteer program. Want to change the direction of your life - are you looking for new challenges and want to help people in poor countries? Are you looking for a community of like-minded young people in an international team of dedicated volunteers? Do you think that all people have the right to a good life and do you think that a multicultural society is the best? Have you personally profit and want to share your practical and human skills in the struggle for a just world?

We are looking for

motivated and hard working volunteers who like to travel and live together with different people and cultures. We are looking for volunteers who want to create change in the world.

About Humana:

A "Development Instructor" is an international volunteer. The last 30 years, Humana People to PEOPLE (UFF's) voluntary program served as an important, practical and ideological expression of the organization's "People to People" philosophy. The basic idea of ​​the Development Instructor program is to give all who want the opportunity to contribute to the development of an inclusive and humanistic basis. Thousands of people of different ages have their time as Development Instructors used their skills and capabilities - and has simultaneously built new. The volunteers are preparing for 12 months, working on a development project for 8 months and finish with 4-month evaluation, exam, information work and planning for the future. DI preparations taking place at a number of schools that cooperate with Humana People to People. Schools located in Europe (Denmark, Norway, England), USA, Karri Bien, South Africa, India and China. On the development project in Africa working DI'erne together with the management and the people on the project. DI'erne go to projects in the "Trios" - groups of three - and contribute ideas and new initiatives for the project. They also bring an international aspect to the project.

About the program:

The program lasts 24 months and takes place in Denmark and Africa. - 12 month voluntary work in the school center for children and young people with special needs. The period includes bl. a study and training in practical skills, language skills and preparation for the Africa 8 months of development work in Africa with Child Welfare, HIV / AIDS prevention work, tree planting and training of teachers to rural schools and førskoleprogrammer and clubs for farmers - 4 months Camp Future consisting of presentations Denmark, continue to work with young people with special needs, and graduated in pedagogy and "Fighting with the Poor"

Job description:

At school center where the training of the volunteers takes place, you will be employed with frivilligløn and become part of the teacher council at the school. You take part in and manage programs and life on "småskolen" where students go to school and bodelen, ie the place of residence where the students live. There are lessons in classes sports and cultural activities that are special and practical group working with outdoor areas and maintenance. There are many tjanser relation to cleaning, cooking and washing - with students - and there are cozy evenings and night shifts at rest areas. In addition, values ​​their time of study, hold meetings, take time off together and take on the study or build weekends with DI from other school centers. Toward the departure to Africa will be fundraising days on the program as well as practical preparations for the project in Africa. Your frivilligløn yesterday in the team's common fund from which I pay board and lodging, pocket money, home travel, program and expenses incidental. Africa stay. In Africa pays the project board, lodging and pocket money.


You must be flexible, happy for hard work, ready for change and willing to work with troubled youth in an alternative school program. Additionally: EU passport 12 years of schooling or equivalent (eg professional experience), overcall fee Hold start: February 1 and August 1 For more information read on where DI have written their experiences. Get program and invitation to the next info meeting by contacting Puk: pre-meetings held in Denmark at one of the schools. Welcome! Read more and get info here