Bio fireplace in the apartment as a student - can you use a bioethanol indoors?

Bio fireplace in the apartment as a student - can you use a bioethanol indoors?


Do you live in an apartment and have always dreamed of having a wood-burning stove, but have not had the opportunity because in the apartment you live in you must not have a wood-burning stove? Then a Biopejs might be the answer to your prayers. A bio fireplace can be set up anywhere and does not require you to have a chimney, which of course makes it much easier to get the wood burning effect no matter what residence you are in. You may not have tried a bio fireplace driver, but a bio fireplace uses bioethanol which is a blend of 96% alcohol, which means it burns incredibly lightly and is ideal for use in a bio fireplace.

Where to buy bioethanol?

Bioethanol is relatively easy to buy and is available in many different stores, but you can for example. buy bioethanol Here there are countless opportunities to buy bioethanol in both large and small quantities which of course makes it easier to test it out. When buying bioethanol, it is important that you keep track of how much alcohol is in that bioethanol so you are sure that you are actually getting something that can be used indoors.

Can a bio fireplace be used indoors?

There are many doubt whether you can use a bio fireplace indoors, which makes good sense, as it comes after all, by the name fireplace, which requires one to have a chimney that can divert all the smoke. It is important that you keep a close eye on which bio fireplace and which bioethanol you buy, as there are of course many differences between the different types, but virtually all bio fireplaces can be used indoors without any problems. However, it is important to remember that there are many different models where can find models that are actually called indoor models, which are obviously intended for indoor use. On a site like you can find a lot of different models where you can find a bio fireplace indoors here if you are looking for a bio fireplace for the apartment.