Cheap food does not have to be equal to bad food

Cheap food does not have to be equal to bad food

Are you tired of the fact that the evening meal in the last week of the month is always rye bread with mackerel, pasta with ketchup, pasta with sausages or maybe pasta with turkey? Or do you have to go past your parents to get food on the table, extra money and possibly. food home back to the apartment?

That does not have to be. You can have too little money to live out of good food that is cheap. We have allied us with Per Asmussen, editor at (foodmedia and recipes forum) that comes with his suggestions on how to eat well without spending more money on food.

There is no time for homemade food during a busy study time!

Well, there's time. It takes you to spend a little longer planning what you need to eat, make larger portions and place in your freezer at the expense of frozen junk food. However, that does not mean that you do not have fast and easy food in the future. The difference is just that you have made the food you take up the freezer and that it costs nothing compared to what frozen junk food or what your local pizza man costs.


If you are one that receives bids, take a few minutes to read them from the supermarkets, especially Net, Rema 1000, Lidl, Facts and Aldi. Typically there is a piece of big meat, for example. ox beef, beef cuvette, hamburgerryg or whole chicken on offer. If not, look for beef, pork or chicken. In general, do not buy small pieces of meat as the price is always too high compared to a larger piece of meat. If you do not get offers, then an app like "eTilbudsavis" is preferable.

Whole chicken

Let's take chicken as an example where you can save a lot of money. Typically, 2 chicken breast fillets cost between 30-35 kr. It is enough for 2, maybe 3 servings. If, on the other hand, you buy a chicken of 1200 grams, it can be stretched to 8 servings and approximately every three weeks either Net or Rema1000 has an offer of 25 kr. In contrast to the two chicken breast fillets, it is not pumped with water and There are also skins and bones that are bursting with good taste and crispness.

Keep in mind that you pay for all the poached / legs / skin, even if you only buy 2 chicken breast fillets. So why not buy it with and get the whole experience and all the possibilities on the chicken?

In this article: " Whole chicken - 4 meals for 2 people " you can read what you can do to stretch it to 8 portions, for example. chicken fries, fried chicken breast fillets with crispy skins, fried chicken and chicken soup / onion soup.

Sous Vide

Food technology sous vide can help you make easy and cheap dishes. If you do not know what it is, then it's a stick you can put into a pan that keeps a stable temperature of the water in the pan. For example, To pack a roast beef into a sealed bag (or vacuum bag) you can cook it for a long time and get a perfect, nice pink rose without overcoating. You can only cut some of the steps from and pack the rest in new bags to the freezer. When the meat is cooked, you can reheat it one day you come home from school and get good food in a short period of time. There are a variety of spells in different price ranges. has this guide to help you get started: Sous Vide Stav . In the past, these spells cost many thousands of dollars, but today they are available for just a few hundred kroner so everyone can join the sous vide wave today.


Basically, there is no excuse not to bake yourself. The baker / supermarket must of course make money selling you bread and over half the price is for their labor and profit.

Therefore you have to bake yourself and you can easily. It takes a few tips, but with them you can come a long way.

Rye bread

The ordered / raw sourdough scares most people away from trying to make rye bread themselves. This recipe for rye bread without sourdough is relatively fast and does not require sourdough so everyone can do it. Cut the bread into slices and freeze it into portions a '8, so you can easily get through 14 days without having to bake again.

White bread

You may have even tried to bake a French bread that was compact and not raised. The challenge knows most people who have tried French bread. The key is the way the bread is kneaded and folded. You can see how it should be bored here :

In general, keep in mind that if you spend a little time already planning and making large portions, you do not have to cook every day, thus giving you more time in your everyday life and better food.
Bon appetite.