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The payment solution for Facebook Vendors and entrepreneurs.

The payment solution for Facebook Vendors and entrepreneurs.

Millions of people use Facebook everyday and a large part of these have already realized how smart a platform that is easy to get in contact with others and communicate something to each other.

Most simply use the platform as a daily communication, but many are beginning to use it to sell items such as clothing. Sales of goods via Facebook has exploded all over the world and has become a major competitor to other platforms, such as the Blue Avis and similar sites.  

Are you one of the many who sell goods on Facebook? Or are you the entrepreneurial type who would like to start a webshop? So you should probably read a little further over to see the options you have to get paid.

The biggest challenge in a trade is usually the payment. There are many payment solutions as large webshops uses. But as an ordinary person, it is too inconvenient to set up a shop, just to sell some of the clothes from tøjskabet you still never get used.

You can always ask them you sell the clothes to transfer money via Mobilepay. But many would like to have greater security when they pay to strangers, like you would like to have collateral to get money from as strangers.

With YourPay is the solution come to you, which sells clothes on Facebook, you are often at the flea market with a stand or those who want to start a small shop to see if this is something for you.

YourPay is a simple payment solution that is made understandable. You do not think that you should have a larger system set up and contact various agencies to get them to accept you.

Normally, both contact NETS and have a payment agreement and find a provider of so-called gateways, which is the platform where the money is received and continue on.

At YourPay is it all in one solution.

As a newly started entrepreneur or just like Facebook Seller, so you avoid the big fuss and lots of fees and settlements. You create a payment link on your page that you send to the customer, or the customer clicks and then fill the customer's card details. During the 10 days they will be in your account. Simple Pay as you go solution that is beneficial to all parties.


Why did YourPay?

Like so many other ideas occur most frequently when a problem arises on the field. In YourPays case was founder Mathias Gajhede made a shop and wanted to sell IT equipment. He applied for a payment solution with NETS, but the application was not approved. He had placed a larger application fee, which he therefore lost. As a newly webshop where every penny plays a big role he chose therefore to take matters into their own hands.  

The vision of YourPay is to help entrepreneurs and start webshops make it simple to set up a payment solution that simultaneously also has some low cost and which is free from constraints. That's what it takes to help the small business sector, and it is the YourPay offer.

YourPay player with the most common known shop systems Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce and has a number of benefits that are important for the new entrepreneur. Among other things, YourPay developed artificial intelligence to guard against credit card fraud, while the 3D secure to increase the security of your shop by sending a confirmation SMS to the customer.

There traded for about 100 billion kr. Per year in the Danish webshops. Much of this money goes to the high fees of various gateways and payment solutions.

Are you ready to start your own shop but want fair charges on your payments, so is YourPay ready with a solution for you.