Asos, Boozt, H & M and what so?

Asos, Boozt, H & M and what so?

Most of our age groups know the above clothes shops, where you can easily buy poor clothes. But what about the lesser-known Danish fashion stores? There is indeed a part that is actually not so small or boring, but they are rarely used by us youngsters and students because fighting against giants like ASOS, Boozt and not least H & M.


Good Danish fashion stores

Do you know, for example. , which has a very nice selection of clothes, for example. men's clothes, women's clothes and children's clothes. Surely not, but it's also because you immediately reject the thought when you hear selling men's clothes, women's clothes and children's clothes as young and students. But try to give the Danish store a chance, because it is actually quite good the selection they have. And then there is also a greater chance that you will meet up to the next party in something other than the H & M dress that your nemesis is wearing.


Why would I do that?

In addition to the above argument that you do not look like all the other in H & M clothes, there is also the social aspect of it. The big foreign stores typically bring all profits out of the country, where they also have production and administration. This does not mean that they do not contribute, they make them so abundant, but local stores often contribute a tooth more and a tooth more aware of the importance of the community.

So do I have a bad conscience about shopping at Boozt?

No not at all. Boozt is so nice and it's ASOS and H & M as well, but do yourself and society the favor of looking into Nielsens, or another Danish clothing store, the next time you're out and hopping. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised and find something cooler, more unique that you would never have found.