Build your garden and enjoy the result

Build your garden and enjoy the result

On a hot summer day, there is hardly anything better than sitting in the garden with a book, a cool drink and the sun's rays on the body. Many people also use their garden to grow delicious and exciting vegetables, or to grill on the terrace with the family.

You must consider this before you start

When you have to build your garden, there are many different things to consider before you go to work - here are some of the most important considerations before you embark on the construction of the garden:

  • How much work do I want to put into my garden? Are you a person who finds it fun, cozy or relaxing to cuddle in the garden with weeding, planting flower beds and mowing grass? Or would you rather like a robotic lawn mower or some other equipment that can do the work for you? Before you buy the equipment, it may be a good idea to search the internet for different tests of the best kind of machine - see more here .

  • What do I want my garden to be used for? For example, do you dream of a green oasis where relaxation is paramount and where you can enjoy yourself with a good book without having to think too much about watering flowers and turning grass? Or would you rather use the garden as your practical respite, where you can grow vegetables in tall beds, plant beautiful flowers in jars, or something else entirely?

  • How is the sun standing on the garden? Does your house shade for the trees so that the flowers don't get enough light? Or is the sun so much on the terrace that it ends up being too hot to sit there in the summer?

  • How much space do you have to do? For example, would you like to have a large lawn for a game of football, or is the terrace and beds more important?