Waste sorting - How to sort your waste

Waste sorting - How to sort your waste


Waste sorting is something that we can all get used to becoming part of our everyday lives. But how to sort your waste and how to make the best waste sorting in your home? We take a closer look at where you get some tips for sorting your waste without requiring more work in your everyday life.

Here's how to make waste sorting

Of course, to make the best waste sorting you need to know what waste sorting is. You can read a more in-depth guide on waste sorting here if you want to know more about the details. But here we have compiled some sharp tips on how to make waste sorting in the best possible way in the home.

Have 2 trash cans

When you have to sort your waste, it is of course important that you have more trash, whether you have to sort by cardboard, paper or metal and plastic. Because whether you have to sort by one or the other, it is important that you can separate your food waste, also known as residual waste, away from your other garbage.

When you have an extra bin, you can throw away your waste in the bin, for example. plastic and the iron in the other trash.

Tie knot on the bags

Remember to tie a knot on the bags to ensure that you ensure that the waste you have already sorted does not fall out of the bags, thus making your sorting work a waste.

Make it a habit

Waste sorting should make you a habit that you always remember when you throw out garbage. The more a habit it is, the safer it is to get it done.

Everyone in the family has to sort their waste

It is important to make it a family thing, to sort its waste, as a family can quickly bring in a lot of waste every single year, and it also means that it makes a huge difference whether there is only one in the family that uses waste sorting actively or whether the whole family participates in the project.