5 courses and courses for you who want a physically active job

5 courses and courses for you who want a physically active job

There are many who dream of a job that allows to be physically active in everyday life. Can not you see yourself in a job where you sit still the day long? Then there are many opportunities for education that gives access to work where you can use your body and be in motion. You can read more about your options at EducationNetwork.com .


Mechanics course

The craftsman is probably one of the first to come in when you think of a physically demanding job. And there are many types of education and jobs in the crafts sector. For example, you can become a mason, electrician, carpenter or painter. With a craftsman's education you are allowed to use your body and create results with your own hands.

You can also choose to become a fitter in different directions. For example, you can train you to the plumbing fitter, where you work with the installation and installation of facades, pipes and power plants. You can also become a wind turbine operator where you work in the heights to mount and install on the wind turbines.


Business Climbing

Do you want a little action and variation in everyday life? Then a course of business closure is just for you. As a business wearer, you will use your body in a different and exciting way. You will be able to work in hard-to-reach areas in the heights using the Rope Access technique. The technique is that stuck in rope work on areas and facades that would otherwise require access through scaffolding or cranes. Business closure can be combined with many areas of work within crafts, event industry and cleaning. For example, you can get to work with mounting and installations in heights. This applies to everything from the installation of solar cells to electrical installations.

You can be trained as business clerks in individual companies, or you can be trained through courses.


sports Director

Do you like sports, exercise and exercise? Then you can consider an education as a sports instructor. The term sport instructor covers instruction and teaching in many different forms of sport. For example, you can educate you as:

  • Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Ski Instructor
  • sports Trainers

There are many possibilities, and it depends on your interest. To become a sports instructor, you can attend courses and courses in many sports organizations, gyms and colleges. As a sports instructor you are allowed to engage with the kind of exercise that you are interested in, and at the same time you can learn from you and inspire others.


military Training

In an entirely different ball street you can also take an education in the Armed Forces. Here you can consider training yourself as a professional soldier. It is both physically and mentally demanding and assumes that you are in good shape and mentally equipped for work. In return, everyday life as a soldier is full of exciting and different challenges.

In addition, there are also military special education within the Armed Forces special forces. The Armed Forces have three special forces: the Jægerkorpset, Frømandskorpset and Sirius sledding patrol. Common to the three is that both education and work require a special physical endurance and presents challenges beyond the usual.


Theater, exhibition and event technician

As a theater, exhibition and event engineer, you work with the equipment that will be used for exhibitions, theater shows and other events. During the education you will gain competencies in stage technology, production of props and work with light and sound. The work area is wide and you will be able to work with everything from museum exhibitions to stage shows to concerts. In this context, you can specialize in a particular area. This education is suitable for you who possess both a creative gen and a desire to use your body in your work.