5 ideas for jobs you can take in your Sabbath year

5 ideas for jobs you can take in your Sabbath year

The education is paused and the sabbatical year has begun. Would you like to spend some time working experience, save up to travel or move away from home, or just want a break from everyday life as a student? So, it may be a good opportunity for you to take advantage of time by getting a part-time or full-time job. But what should it be? See below 5 ideas for jobs in the Sabbath year.

Cleaning assistent

Do you enjoy a job where you can go quietly and work independently? Then a job at a cleaning company can be something for you. Here you get a break from the busy day as a student, where you can go to work and do your work while at the same time gaining professional experience. Cleaning jobs are often very flexible during working hours. You can get clean in private homes or you can search from a cleaning company that offers business cleaning .

Substitute teacher

Many choose to use their Sabbath years to be teachers. You can become acquaintances at a single school or you can register on a portal, such as Lærervikaren.dk, where you can be called to various schools. You are never guaranteed a certain amount of hours, so make sure you are flexible. On the other hand, teachers often get a very good hourly wage, and the working days offer exciting challenges and variations. Although some schools do not actively seek teachers, there is still a good chance of being employed with an unsolicited application. So just ring / write around to a lot of elementary schools.


A job job is a good opportunity to gain professional experience and earn some good money. You can both search for restaurants, cafés and hotels. Working hours are more fixed and you get a good opportunity to improve your skills in customer service and customer contact. It is also possible to have day, evening and weekend guards. In addition, it is often possible to find part-time and full-time positions.

Piccolo / piccoline

As a piccolo / piccoline you will get an insight into the daily workflow of a company. The job will often consist of a number of practical tasks, mainly by computer and telephone. The specific tasks are different from business to business, but you will typically come up with tasks related to meeting bookings, preparation and disposal for meetings, purchases, cleanups and other ad hoc tasks and errands. In addition, piccolo / piccolino postures are a good way to get into the heat and create some good contacts.

Guide abroad

If you want to combine work with international experiences, it may be that the job as a travel guide is just for you. As a guide you are employed by a travel company and will face many different tasks. Primarily you will provide service and be available to the travel company's guests. It can be anything from assisting guests on arrival and departure to host various activities and excursions. To become a guide, most people choose to go to a guided school and become a trained guide through them. For example, you can take a guide training at Service & Co's where the education takes place in various countries and typically lasts one month.