3 tips for balancing student life with family life

3 tips for balancing student life with family life

It can be difficult to balance family life with the intense study environment. It often feels like there are not enough hours in a day. If you have a child and a partner, then you will often like to put your focus here, but if you read a study at the same time, it can often feel like it's hard to manage both. It can be difficult to prioritize one over the other, and it is actually not a necessity either. We have therefore gathered 3 tips on how to balance your study with your commitments to your family.


1. Get knowledge from places other than school

The school is not the only place where you can get knowledge. In this digital time we live in, there are many good opportunities to get additional knowledge from alternative platforms. Regardless of your subject, today there is a blog, podcast, YouTube channel that covers this niche. It is often about looking for the good ones that fit your needs and then getting them worked into your schedule.

A podcast is a great opportunity to be entertained and formed, while you do something else that, for example, goes for a walk with your child, cleans up at home or takes a trip out and exercises.

Blogs can provide good and personal insight into many topics. For example, if you would like to be a teacher, then it may be a good idea to read the blog of a skilled primary school teacher . It's just about finding one that fits with the knowledge you are looking for.


2. Focus somewhere at a time

The more balls you have in the air, the more difficult they will be juggling. Therefore, it may be beneficial to focus on a ball at a time. Of course, we do not mean that you should drop one in relation to the other.

Often when you have a lot of driving at the same time, your head can easily fly and think about the very thing that you do not do. When you are in school, then you think of the family at home, and when you are at home, you think of everything you need to achieve in school.

This is not a convenient way to get something done. Your focus has a great impact on your daily productivity. It therefore helps to focus on one thing at a time concentrated, and first shift your focus to something else when the first is finished.

Here you can help if you plan and schematize your tasks so that you get a better overview. In this way, you also don't have to worry about whether you get everything done, as it has been planned ahead. If you start doing this disciplined, then you can safely enjoy your date-night knowing what to do next day. There are many restaurants in Copenhagen , if you also use Earlybird's concept, then you never have to stress over where to go to eat.


3. Communication is the key

Every healthy family needs good communication. The little one in the family may not always understand "why mother is not home". It is therefore essential that people talk about each other's daily lives, as well as the emotions involved. This strengthens the family ties, and at the same time gives more peace of mind when you are at her studio.

For some, it can help to make regular family routines. This could be as simple as walking an evening stroll together. This is a perfect solution to spend dedicated family time together and an obvious opportunity to talk about today's events. In addition, this can easily be done every day of the year. You just have to give the little ones some good winter boots and then you are ready to tackle all the challenges you might face together.