3 places you can save money as a student

3 places you can save money as a student

Most of us have probably forgotten how bad life really was at SU, but those who spend many hours in the classrooms, then maybe to spend several hours in a study job, to eventually spend even more hours with homework, they are completely Certainly not forgotten it. Therefore, here are 3 tips on how to get the money a little longer.

The A-box is safe money.

As a student, it is not easy to allocate money to an a-box in its SU budget, so it makes sense to ask yourself if it's really necessary. Fortunately, there are several a-boxes that understand that it's not easy to live at SU, and those who have the understanding have favorable prices, and some are even completely free while studying.

There are actually not so many of the good boxes, you can see the overview of the a-boxes in the Danish market at a-kasseguide.dk

Hoop in the pants, what now?

It hurts when the new jeans come to 600kroner not only because you have hit you but also because you know that again, you have to raise money for a pair of new jeans. However, actually downloading here, studentguiden.dk, we have a good and expanded list of opportunities for study discounts.

If you are not satisfied with the discounts alone, you have to search the net for a pair of similar pants, which is also not a stupid idea. It is often cheaper to shop online than in the physical stores.

So you probably think "Yes, yes, but I have to pay for the freight", and that's right too - anywhere in any case. More and more stores have made it possible to send customers orders without cost to the customer. For example, at dressyou.dk , which also includes a return envelope in the package.

The license is a must or is it?

License is expensive and unfortunately it is no longer a requirement that you have a TV to pay the boring media license. If you only have access to the internet via a mobile phone or the like, yes, you have to pay the media license.

Fortunately, the busy student is advised, because you do not necessarily have to pay a license. There are a few loopholes you can use. The first loophole is not really a loophole, but it's about not paying a license if living with its parents. The possibilities from here I would even let you wonder about.

The next thing you can do is to loop the TV, because the busy student does not have time to see it. Now, you think you should pay if you have a phone with access to the net, and it's also true that the owner of the phone has to pay, but as your parents are already paying a license, they have nothing to lose Transfer ownership of your phone to them.

However, licensees have a little trouble finding out if your phone can be accessed on the Internet and you therefore become licensed.