3 interior tips - this is how you find the perfect studio accommodation

3 interior tips - this is how you find the perfect studio accommodation

We are approaching summer, which for many future students means housing search and move-in where hopefully most of their study time will be spent. However, the design and layout of such a home can be difficult, and there are many things to consider - including many that apply specifically to students.

No matter if you are a new student or a student who has been living abroad for a while, designing your student accommodation is always a challenge that may seem unmistakable to anyone. What follows are three general decor tips for the perfect studio accommodation.

Think cheap but long term

One of the most obvious challenges of interior design for students is the compliance with a budget. Neither SU nor student jobs are enough for the world, and it is therefore often a high priority in purchasing for the student housing that expenses for furniture and other things stay within a tight budget. This also makes sense, but there are certain traps to avoid.

A classic mistake is to go with the least cost of the purchase. However, it is smart to think a little more long term, and often for just a little extra you can get something of higher quality that lasts better, so spend a little extra now to save money in the long run. Many students want a little extra money saved up to move away from home, and it can quickly pay off to spend a little extra now rather than later.

This is especially true of larger furniture, such as sofas and beds, which typically last for a long time. If you choose to go this route, it is a good idea to choose timeless furniture in a classic design. In doing so, they both physically and stylishly last longer than cheaper furniture that just jumps on the latest trend. A good suggestion for this could be Restzone's box mattress in various sizes. The bed is of high quality for the price and the minimalist design does not go out of fashion for the time being.

Make the room big

Another challenge most students face is optimizing one's space. As housing costs in the country's study towns are rising, students often have to take what they can find, which on a budget can often be quite small. However, this should not despair, because there are a number of things you can do to optimize the space and make the room look bigger.

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A typical problem is storage space. Typically, a student residence should have space for the same as a normal residence, but in smaller spaces. Therefore, one should think creatively. A good solution is to find alternative places to hang shelves. This can be over the door, bed, desk, or have extra storage in the hallway. Shelves are also a good alternative to shelving and cabinets, as too many things on the floor can give the feeling of a smaller space.

Multiple features in one

One final tip concerns the use of furniture. Of course, in a small area it is limited how many furniture can stand, and you should also avoid having too many. A good idea for this is to have furniture with more features than one. This saves both space and money - a decided student-win-win.

An obvious choice here is the sofa bed. A sofa bed is perfect for, for example, if you need to move with several people in a shared apartment. Here you typically do not have space or advice for a definite guest room. A sofa bed, such as a Viki sofa bed, can be an excellent solution to this. In everyday life it is a stylish sofa in the common room, and should guests have it turns out as easy as nothing for a comfortable double bed.