3 cheap cities to your fodboldtur

3 cheap cities to your fodboldtur

As a student, it can be difficult to always be able to afford to travel around the world. Also if you want to fodboldtur, where in addition to transport and accommodation, to spend money on expensive football tickets. In collaboration with VisitFootball.dk , here is a guide to three cheap big cities, where you also can get a great football experience.

1. Berlin
Berlin is already one of the Danish favorite cities, both for an extended weekend with boyfriend or wild night out with friends. As it probably occurred to most who have been to Berlin, it's cheap. Very cheap. To get to Berlin and back, can be done anywhere between 500-1000 kr. If you are in time to order aircraft. Alternative there are also several bus routes and went straight there. To spend the night and go out in Berlin is also very cheap compared to both Denmark and other major cities in Europe.

All this at most Danes already good, but it might not have realized so many that Berlin also has live football to offer. The largest club Hertha Berlin play at Olympiastadion with an average of no less than 50,000 spectators per. struggle, which is the 13th highest average attendance in Europe. Ticket prices start from just € 15.

In addition to Hertha Berlin, houses the town also two smaller clubs namely Dynamo Berlin and Union Berlin, both playing in the lower ranks, but attracts many spectators and is worth discovering.

2. Hamburg
Hamburg (Hamburg or in Danish) is another popular city close to Denmark. Many may already know the famous Reeperbahn from city tours or bachelor parties. Hamburg is a perfect city for both a weekend with the family or with friends. And it's cheap to stay and eat in the city. Especially the districts of St. Pauli and Schanze (Nørrebro areas), are both lively and inexpensive.


The two big and famous clubs of Hamburg, Hamburger SV and cult club FC St. Pauli. Hamburger SV play at home in the modern Imtech Arena in north Hamburg with an impressive average attendance across 53,000 (8th highest in Europe). FC St Pauli pirate flag as a logo, is known throughout the world as a club that attracts politically leftist supporters and where political symbols often seen at Millerntor stadium. Club moves often up and down between the different leagues and success on the football field is often to overlook. Nevertheless plays club almost always a sell-out stadium (29,000 spectators).

The fare to HSV matches start from € 14 and St. Pauli matches from 12 €, extremely cheap compared to the experience.

3. Stockholm
Stockholm in our neighboring country Sweden, too many may not be the obvious target for a fodboldtur. Many prefer to head south or to England. But Stockholm offers actually magnificent football experiences. On the track, it may not even Messi and Ronaldo to get to experience, but on the whole football experiences large. Especially when the big three Stockholm clubs meet in the so-called Stockholm derbys. AIK Stockholm plays in northern Stockholm at the brand new Friends Arena with capacity for 53,000 spectators (who are often sold out for derbys), while clubs Hammarby IF and Djurgarden IF share home at the newly built Tele2 Arena with capacity for 34,000 spectators and located just south of center.

From Denmark to Stockholm, there are many daily flights from several airports in Denmark and for quite cheap money if you are in a little time. Alternatively, take the train from Copenhagen or the car up there in a few hours. To stay and eat in Stockholm is not much cheaper than Denmark, but in turn can ride back and forth is done in one day without accommodation.

Ticket prices for games in Stockholm is on level or slightly over a Danish Superliga match (ie 100-200 kr for a ticket). For experience sake, it is recommended to choose a derby in Stockholm, where football heading north.

You can find more info about cheap soccer traveling on www.visitfootball.dk/billige-fodboldrejser/

Here it may prove costly
At the opposite end of the scale where it starts to get quite expensive to get to fodbold find especially the English clubs, especially because the price of football tickets in the Premier League is at an extremely high level. Especially London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal and Manchester United have some very high fares, where students can go much further for money in one of the three cities that we have recommended.