10th strengthens young people both professionally and socially

10th strengthens young people both professionally and socially

Young in the 10th grade estimate that they are better equipped to take a secondary education than they were when they went out of 9th grade. It shows an evaluation of the 10th grade, among other things, have looked at young people's educational readiness, school satisfaction and motivation.

It may be beneficial for some young people to take the 10th grade, because it makes them better equipped to complete secondary education. It shows an evaluation by the Danish Evaluation Institute, EVA has made.

The evaluation also shows that young people in vocational training after 10th grade, generally assess their own training readiness, educational well-being and motivation for youth higher than ele-ver that has gone directly from 9th grade to vocational training.

Students who took the 10th grade in vocational training, feel more prepared for a young-secondary education than when they went in 9th grade.

However, it looks different for pupils entering secondary education. Here there is no great difference whether they start on an upper secondary education after the 9th or 10th grade.

EVA's evaluation include implemented through telephone interviews among teachers in 10th grade and questionnaires among teachers and students.

Source: UVM