Tips for a better private economy as a student

Tips for a better private economy as a student

Today, it is easier than ever to borrow fast loans without collateral, which has meant that many Danish students have a large and unimaginable debt. Being in control of his finances is one of the most important things in life and that's why it's something to be taken seriously. Do you feel that your private economy is unimaginable and that you do not control anything? Do not worry - read here and be much wiser about how to get a better personal economy.

Make a precise overview

First and foremost, it can be a great help if you make a clear overview of your finances before you go out and take out a loan without security online. Be sure to control your exact income and expenses. That way, it will be much easier for you to figure out how your budget looks like. Remember to include everything from large to small expenses in your budget, ranging from fixed to fixed costs such as rent, internet, water and heating. With such an overview of your budget, it will be easy for you to estimate the amount of availability you have each month, thus avoiding standing at the end of the month and no money left.

Control your bills and avoid unnecessary costs

Do you really control what you pay for and why? Most people only pay the bills they receive without actually reading them thoroughly. However, that does not mean that you're likely to receive bills that you do not have to pay, but maybe you'll get an eye out for an unnecessary subscription here and there. Perhaps you pay for a fitness membership that you never really use. It is therefore worth paying to read all the bills so that you get an overview of what you really pay. That way, you avoid unnecessary costs, and you may even get more money available every month if you check your bills through an additional time.

Re-negotiate your payments with your creditors

It may sound good to be true, but it is actually possible to renegotiate your payments. Of course, you must be realistic in this area, so you should not expect your bank to agree to anything. But with this said, it does not benefit your bank if you go bankrupt and therefore it may pay off for them to change your payments if there is a side track where you no longer follow. So do not hesitate to contact your creditors and try to renegotiate your installment agreements.

save up

As a student, it's hard to save it, it knows everyone who has lived on an SU. It's important that you make sure you always have a savings, you can get it through a well paid summer vacation job. You do not know when there are unpredictable expenses to be paid. Make sure to spend some money aside each month or throw yourself in a weekly savings plan. By adding just 50 kr to side each week you have the opportunity to save 3000 kr. Each year, which is the amount most can contribute. This saving gives you peace of mind and ensures that you do not get fast and stupid loans.