Large amounts on the way to training from Globalisation Fund

Large amounts on the way to training from Globalisation Fund

Globalization agreement must be renegotiated this fall. The government's budget proposal for 2010 envisages that about 3.3 billion kroner must be allocated to education and research. You also get colleges and other educational institutions paid about 900 million kroner as a prerequisite for them to take over their buildings.
The past three years, the Ministry of Education had added some 2 billion a year from the Globalisation Fund. The agreement expires this year and must be renegotiated this fall as part of negotiations on the Budget for 2010. The government has in its budget proposal for 2010 allocates about 3.3 billion crowns from the Globalisation Fund, to be allocated to education, research and innovation. Schools will therefore have to first know what funds they will receive from the Globalisation Fund for the period 2010-2012, when there will be signed a budget agreement for 2010.

Education Minister Bertel Haarder says

"The government will continue to invest heavily in getting more in education. We now need to negotiate the distribution of billions from the Globalisation Fund. It gives a mixed picture here and now, but I look forward to this autumn's negotiations, we looked at the final Budget for 2010 can once again present a massive supply of resources for education, "says Bertel Haarder. The gymnasiums, social and health care schools and adult education centers have for years wanted to own their own buildings. It is therefore with great pleasure that the government allocates 900 million kroner for the introduction of building taximeter to the former county schools. "I am pleased that we thus paving the way for the gymnasiums and the other former county educational institutions can take over their buildings. It will provide each school much more freedom to dispose of considerable funding, for example. to local needs. I am sure that the schools can manage such freedom makes sense, "says Bertel Haarder.

The budget proposal also

See list of indicators the Ministry of Education A new project on Ambitious IT must shift resources from program administration for educational purposes, so the schools IT tasks more students get in the center Fast mentoring at schools to help young people into education and training 9 million kroner for the establishment regional adult education and training centers (VEU centers) better overview of the many adult and continuing education Former efficiency improvement projects on administrative communities to deal with the administrative tasks better and cheaper is being implemented DKK 900 million allocated for the establishment of building taximeter. This means that the gymnasiums and the other former county educational institutions can take over their buildings. Will be allocated 218 million kroner to create more apprenticeships, including better opportunities for school practice. It is also included in the Finance Bill. Read more about other parties involved agreement on school practice and on the political agreement on a practical package. Good education requires good teachers. The funds will be allocated 4 million, growing to 9 million in 2013, to develop teachers 'and managers' skills in vocational education Source: Ministry of Education