Greater inclusion is possible

Greater inclusion is possible

With the right effort, several students included in regular school classes without weakening professionalism. This is the conclusion from the 22 municipal projects in the social reserve project for greater inclusion in schools.
Less special, enhanced professionalism and greater inclusiveness. It was the goal of the social reserve project, 22 municipalities have participated in since 2008. The end of the social reserve project was marked by a conference of 21 January 2011, as Minister of Education Tina Nedergaard attended to hear the municipalities' experiences. "It is important to establish inclusion and acceptance at school, because it only gets harder to learn to accommodate each other, the older you get," said Tina Nedergaard in his speech at the conference.

Local authorities show willingness

At the conference were representatives from 22 municipalities present to share their experiences with inclusion. There are social reserve project set for continued knowledge sharing among the country's municipalities. The 22 projects were at the conference represented on stands in Tivoli Congress Center. Municipalities showed great interest in learning from each other's projects. Inger Marie Kristensen, head teacher in Ringkøbing Skjern Municipality, put it: "We really want it here and we will learn from each other. It has certainly been exciting to work with the project, and today we can really feel the spirit. "As part of the further research and development in the area, the government proposes that until 2020 carried 100 ph.d.projekter that everyone takes based on the teaching carried out in schools. The new must participate in the training of teachers, while the researcher.

More students can be included

The number of students who are placed in special classes, has in recent years been increasing and it is the curve Minister will crack now. 33,000 students every twentieth, is today taught in special education or special schools. It is too many, says the Minister. "Development work shows that it is actually possible: We can include more students. Not all, but more than we did before. We must break the curve. We need to include more. It is very important for our kids is the most important in our lives, "said Education Minister Tina Nedergaard. The rising numbers are also expensive, for every hundred students who can be included in general education rather than special education, can annually released 15 million crowns to the regular public school. At the Conference the Minister up to the government is willing to change the framework conditions so that they better support inclusive practice. Then it will be up to local authorities to find out which roads to be elected to a more inclusive school.


The conference marked the end of the rate adjustment pool project: "Less special, enhanced professionalism and greater inclusiveness." The project has since 2008 worked to reduce the reference to special education, strengthen standards and increase the spaciousness of the elementary school. The rate adjustment pool project has been running since 2008 in 22 municipal projects. UCC has through the project collected project experiences on the project website. Source: