Look better out of the windows than your neighbor

Look better out of the windows than your neighbor

Disagreement can occur over the smallest things. Did you remember to take the dishes? Empty the washing machine? Hit the grass or brushed the windows? Some things are just tricky, but you go through them no matter what. But if you can afford to buy a house, you might also be able to polish the windows of a professional window shutter.

After all, it's more fun to earn money to work with what you're interested in, rather than window shading , as others are significantly better to do. And then you can avoid the daily or weekly quarrels if done properly. At the same time, you can also ensure that it is done regularly without having to think about getting it done. Perhaps your neighbor herself puddles his windows while looking forward to coming home to completely clean windows you can look out and enjoy watching your neighbor's work.


Choose your matches and the right furniture

There are so many things you can come up with, so it's about choosing their matches.

When moving together, you are not necessarily aware what consequences it will have. When everything is fun and fun and you just want to be romantic in the nice Disney way, then it's the last thing you think about it someday will end.

It often starts with the fact that she has collected a lot of things and nips objects that fit better into the living room than your speakers and computer do. Even though it is a nice computer and you do not have any office in the little house yet, it can not stand in the living room. Everything should fit together and if the dining table chairs you have had in the relationship do not fit in, then they are definitely also switching to something that is better placed around the dining table .

Just choosing the chairs you do not think about when finding something that suits can be a try. Even though you have many things in common, and perhaps it has fallen to each other, a marriage or partnership is dynamic and evolves over time.


When the estate is to be shared

Therefore, it may sometimes be a good idea to make sure in advance to make sure to their partner about what is her and his. Otherwise, the small inconvenience may cause the furniture not only to be replaced, but you. And maybe your partner will keep some of your most valuable memories that you've always loved aloud. One can argue that you can just acquire a new painting or a new car or record player, but it's not the same as yours. The things you own have affective value and affective value can not be replaced. What you have bought together does not have the same value if you split up the relationship.

Here, a pact of peculiarity may be an advantage to have. Although it is one of the most urantic ones found, it's like insurance, something you hope will never be needed.

The marriage pact is a contract that man and wife sign up and enter into a legal contract so that there is no doubt as to who is entitled to what if the estate is to be shared.

With such a contract in hand, a possible divorce is much easier to accomplish than without. Then you can start over with all your belongings without losing anything but a bite of your heart.