How to avoid paying SU and taxes back

How to avoid paying SU and taxes back

As a student and SU recipient, a ceiling is set for how much you can earn next to it. If you earn more than what the ceiling allows, you must repay your SU. But you can avoid that if you follow the tips below.

As a student with a student job, it is important that you have control over how much you have to earn next to his / her SU . It can hurt the economy if you don't. It is therefore important that you continuously follow up on it by:

  • Constantly figure out how much you have earned
  • Continuously figure out how much money you have left over

If you constantly look after and manage your finances, you avoid having to pay a large bag of money back in taxes. What else you should do, we elaborate below.

Correct your advance statement on an ongoing basis

To be sure that you are paying the tax you are owed and that you do not have too high or too low a personal allowance, it is a good idea to continually correct your advance statement. It is also a great idea if you get extra jobs during the summer and thus higher pay. You can go in and change it yourself in TastSelv on SKAT's website.

Use your hive for student jobs

In addition to being aware of not earning too much from your student job, it is also important that you are equally aware of not using the motherboard for the student job. If you have both the SU and the study job on your motherboard, you have the prospect of a tax break - and that's no reason. Therefore, have the study job on your postcard as you do not use your deduction twice.

What else can you do to avoid paying SU back?

In addition to the tips above, there are also some other actions you can take to avoid paying back SU.


The other options are:

  • You can choose to cut back on your work so that your annual income falls
  • You can opt out of SU for a period of time so that the free amount increases
  • You can transfer to a pension savings

All of the points here require you to make a decision to pay less if you make too much money.

If you do not want to cut down on the number of your guards or opt out of SU for a period of time, you can instead choose to transfer the money to a pension savings. This means that you keep the money, but that you let them grow on a savings until you retire once.

By paying SU or your employer's income into a pension savings, it gives you a higher deduction. This avoids paying back the SU while still retaining the extra money you earn.

  If you think retirement savings sounds like the right choice for you, talk to your bank about it. Then you are sure that you will end up with the best solution.