SDU presents breakthrough

SDU presents breakthrough

Researchers from the University keeps Monday, 4 June an international conference on new strategies in the fight against resistant bacteria.

SDU researchers are among the leaders in research. They have just patented a new drug JEK47, which is considered a breakthrough in the fight against bacterial infections, which can no longer be killed with antibiotics.

At the conference, Chief Jette E. Kristiansen explain how the new drug does resistant bacteria sensitive to antibiotics again so that patients can once again become healthy through regular antibiotics, for example. penicillin.

JEK47 can be a crucial turning point in a trend where more and more people die from infections which could previously be cured by antibiotics.

It is estimated that approximately one in 10 of the patients admitted to Danish hospitals, infected bacteria as staphylococcus and pseudomonas aeruginosa, and annually die 200-300 Danes on the type of infection. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control estimates in its latest report that between 35,000-50,000 deaths in Europe caused by resistant bacteria.

A non-antibiotic

JEK47 is a non-antibiotic, that is, a drug that does not really have been developed for the treatment of infections. However, it can ensure that the resistant bacteria are no longer able to reject the antibiotic to kill them and thus cure the patient.

There are more new conference on the non-antibiotic, which has also been shown to have a good effect as a combination agent in some forms of chemotherapy, including treatment of breast cancer.

Professor Hans Jørgen Kolmos will also present the latest research in the fight against staphylococci.

The conference is organized by the Center for Biomembrane at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, and there is free access for all interested parties.

Source: SDU