Popular academy officially opened

Popular academy officially opened

Copenhagen School, KEA, celebrated on August 20 its official inauguration. The Minister cut the ribbon and praised the College's high number of applicants. At the same time, he urged it to absorb even more students.
Since the turn of the year it has been possible to read the Design, short and surveyor technician, computer science or go a different vocational path at the Copenhagen School, KEA. Academy offers short, higher education, professional education and training in construction / manufacturing, media / IT, design / business and management / training.

Record all that apply

August 20 was KEA so officially inaugurated. Education Minister Bertel Haarder cut the ribbon and highlighted in his speech that the good cooperation between the programs is undoubtedly one of pondering the College's many applicants. 2,188 have applied for membership. 1,300 got positive response that they are admitted to one of KEA eight different addresses in Copenhagen. "When it comes to the number of applicants exceeds in both Roskilde University and the Technical University of Denmark. So just keep it up. Can you shoot some more, I think I should do it. Requires the involvement of the Ministry of Education, will say to, for we are looking for places where it makes sense to admit more students, "said Bertel Haarder. Close cooperation with the business of the Board Henrik Salée and Lars Goldschmidt from Danish Industry, DI, put both placed on businesses large interest for the students at KEA. Lars Goldschmidt put among other things up for continued creativity in terms of creating new programs at KEA and maintain the close cooperation between the academy and DI. Chairman of KEA, Henrik Salée, Minister of Education Bertel Haarder and President Ingo Østerskov had a chat about the new academy. The Minister called on the College to - if possible - to record even more students. Rector Ingo Østerskov rounded speech row by stressing that KEA has high ambitions and that KEA and the other nine academies to develop the skills of the future business needs.

About KEA - Copenhagen School

* Is established on the basis of vocational schools Copenhagen Technical College, BEC Business Education College, TEC and CPH West. * Provider education at tertiary level in eight different addresses in Copenhagen. * Has a total of 5000 students. Source: Ministry of Education