Odense Live Talent concert

Odense Live Talent concert

Saturday, January 26 awards Odense Live Sponsor Association for the fourth time its music awards. Already the week before you can become acquainted with the three nominees bands, each will play a set.

You have the opportunity to hear the following artists:
The White Album
Adi Zukanovic
Sebastian Lind

Play Order: Published first at the concert that night

The audience are invited to be the judge and vote for their favorite band. The total profit from the audience will be a mandate in the jury. The audience's outcome will be announced the same evening, but the final result will be announced Saturday, January 26 for the awards ceremony.

Among all guests who submit ballots distributed to 2x2 tickets Odense Live price on January 26 pm. 21:00.

When: d. January 18 pm. 21:00
Where: Concert Hall Posten
Price: 30 kr in the door

Link to Facebook event: here !